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Infrared Thermography



One of the huge benefits of thermal imaging for the new home buyer is the ability it gives your home inspector to find hidden items that you will eventually find after you have moved in and can be costly to fix.
Without thermal imaging, some things go unseen. Now you can see what others only guess about. Thermal images can help reveal problems about moisture (which may be conducive to mold, decay and termites), electrical system hot spots, deficient insulation, Heat/AC and duct system, structural issues, plumbing leaks, and more. iHouse uses this advanced technology to provide you a superior inspection service.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging in the detection of:

  • Water infiltration (roof leaks located with recent rain fall within 24~48 hours)
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in building materials
  • Stud / Joist / Beam / Rafter placement and structure
  • Insulation gaps, insufficient and unevenness
  • Electrical drops, panels, breakers, switches and wire connections
  • Heating and cooling duct placement, insulation, air leaks
  • Pipe location
  • Special Inspections
  • Pest infestation
  • Energy audits
  • Insurance claims

While there is no guarantee that nothing will be missed during the visual inspection. Thermal imaging brings me one step closer to not overlooking anything.

So you have to ask yourself: do you want a home inspector that offers thermal imaging or risk going with one that does not?

As you study the photos below, I remind you, these images would not be visible without the aid of a thermal imaging camera. Which is included in all my inspections!

Sample Infrared Scans

Outside temperatures were high 80’s, inside was low 70’s due to central air running. Therefore, when looking at the thermal images, heat shows up as yellow as it enters the home. This was on the North side which is usually cooler. The missing insulation can cause two problems. Heat and cooling costs will be higher and second, ice dams, which can cause roof leaks, interior drywall damage etc.

This IR picture was taken of the main electrical panel on a vacant home. What is causing the heat?
Overheating of power cables is a major cause of house fires.

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